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Flower, Wedding, Engagement Ceremony Decoration Bangalore

Melting Flowers is one of the Finest Floral designers in South India, specializing in Stylish Exclusive and Exceptional Floral Designs. We specialize in Flower & Theme decoration for weddings, Flower decoration for home, Flower & Theme decoration for Corporates, Convention halls, Open gardens, Banquets decoration and all types of parties. We also specialize in Garlands and designer bouquets.

Flowers have been used forever for decoration purposes. Flowers have a calming effect on the mind and the body and thus provide an ambiance that we can all be comfortable in. The best flower decorators in Bangalore can thus help light up any room or venue with powerful floral designs that leave a long-lasting impact on the guests. There are different aesthetics needed for different events, be it corporate, personal, or a family event. Flower decoration services work with the best designers in the industry to provide true aesthetics with the best shapes and colors and lights for the venue.

Events Coverage:

Showroom Inauguration Decorations- Showrooms are mostly commercial buildings and assets that are governed or managed by organizations. These showrooms are usually expected to have huge footfalls and thus they need to be marketed well. Ceremonies using celebrities for the inauguration of these showrooms are a common occurrence in Bangalore. With the best flower decoration service, one can rest assured that a good job would be done in decorating the showroom to provide it with some life amidst all the corporate concrete and glass.

Showroom Inauguration Decorations

Wedding Decorations- Weddings are the most celebrated event in an Indian Society. Themed weddings are in trend nowadays wherein the venue and the backdrop have to be arranged according to a theme that has been trending recently. Client requirements in these jobs are often heavy but the company goes above and beyond to fulfill all specifications. Indian weddings usually are of the traditional type and thus a specialization of the same has been achieved through the rigorous decoration of venues. Using flowers to decorate a wedding venue is done best by professional decorators that even work with Wedding resorts in Bangalore.

Wedding Decorations

Garden Decoration-  Gardens can both be indoors and outdoors and are a very versatile choice for hosting any event. Unlike Closed spaces, gardens provide guests air to breathe and not feel suffocated even in the hottest evenings. Gardens can be used to host corporate events as well as personal/ family events and thus calls for floral decorations. Lounges or indoor gardens can also be a great venue for hosting events. Adding flowers for decoration apart from the already existing flora and fauna adds an edge to the ambiance. Garden Wedding Bangalore is quite the hit and is set up with extensive use of floral decoration, lighting, and sound.

Garden Wedding Bangalore

Sangeet Decoration- Weddings can be quite a long and stretched-out event in India. These traditions of Sangeet have been reinforced in society due to the pomp displayed in Bollywood. In Mehndi and Sangeet Décor, a stage has to be set up for the bride and groom to perform and even for the family members to dance or sing or perform anything of their choice. The mood of the occasion is homely and fun and is thus decorated well with flowers to add vibrancy.

Mehndi and Sangeet Décor

Companies in Bangalore promote floral decorations for events and with a testimonial of over a thousand weddings and new designs, the workforce of over 50 individuals have worked in over 16 cities to add to the craft and help improve it.

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