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Flower, Wedding, Engagement Ceremony Decoration Bangalore

Melting Flowers is one of the Finest Floral designers in South India, specializing in Stylish Exclusive and Exceptional Floral Designs. We specialize in Flower & Theme decoration for weddings, Flower decoration for home, Flower & Theme decoration for Corporates, Convention halls, Open gardens, Banquets decoration and all types of parties. We also specialize in Garlands and designer bouquets.

Flower decoration is an art that has been studied and practiced for decades. Flower decoration has seen to be used in scales- small to large as can be seen with children who press flowers in their books to actual floral decorations at events. Floral Decoration is so very popular as it provides the decorated room with an aura of excellence, vibrancy, and pomp that can remain unmatched by using any other means for decoration. Services for flower decoration Bangalore have been extremely successful in generating the craze for floral decoration in all sorts of events especially by measuring up to the crazy and unrealistic standards of the structural integrity of these decorations.

Events Decoration Bangalore


Events Decoration Bangalore

With the meteoric rise in population and the industrial sector of Bangalore, the city has seen urbanization like no other. It includes digitization and globalization to such an extent that Bangalore is currently the IT Hub of India and hosts people from various countries and various cities of India. All these people are bound to the ever-evolving culture of Bangalore which experience s a similar give and take relationship with the people. Thus in an age of digital decorations, floral decorations still take the cake as flowers appeal to a person’s authenticity and simplicity no matter what their nationality is. These decorations are thus enjoyed by everyone.


Wedding resorts in Bangalore
Wedding Resorts in Bangalore-

Weddings are a grand gesture in the Indian culture. The nature of Indian weddings calls for extravagance and pomp that can remain unmatched. Indian Weddings nowadays are often held at Resorts or Hotels that have been booked throughout the weekends to accommodate guests and family. These Resorts are decked up in floral decorations on the day of the weddings to celebrate and bask the couple in beauty and aesthetic.  

House Warming Decoration Bangalore

House Warming Decoration Bangalore-

House warming events are pretty much-closed events that involve only the family members. House warming is a pretty traditional concept inherent to Indians wherein the belief that every house needs to be worshipped before stepping into it for residential purposes is prevalent. This concept is traditional by nature and thus is an integral part of the Indian Culture. Floral decorations can be used in house warming arrangements by designing gates and backdrops to the thing.

Wedding Backdrop Decorations

Reception Stage Décor-

Weddings are usually carried out with traditional pomp and grandeur but the reception is a much less extravagant occasion. In receptions, people are invited to enjoy, meet up with the bride and groom, have some food and enjoy the venue. Receptions are not as traditional a concept as weddings and thus there is an absence of wedding amenities like backdrops, decorated walls, etc. But receptions, although are carried out in commercial buildings, use a certain amount of floral decoration to keep the aesthetic of the venue in tune with the occasion.

Such Ceremonies require optimum decoration services which can be provided by these decorators who specialize in floral thematic designs and builds.

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