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Latest Trends Of Birthday Theme Decorations.

Posted on April 16 2020 by Melting flowers in Birthday Decoration, Birthday Party Themes, Birthday Decoration Bangalore, Birthday Backdrop,, Birthday Balloon Decoration

Are you throwing a birthday party for someone dear to you? It is a fitting way to make them feel special and celebrate their beautiful existence. Themed decorations have become all the rage with people taking interest in planning parties, hiring decorators and focusing on creative layouts that will stun the onlookers. Such decorations unify the venue for the occasion and make it possible and even easier to plan a dress code and food menu accordingly. Here are the latest themes that are ruling the decoration trends and will help make your party really unique

Superhero theme

Heroes of Marvel or DC Comics and even those hailing from the world of animation have often been the source of inspiration and life models for kids and teenagers. With shields, swords and other weapons, costumes and memorable dialogues of such superheroes, you can give the birthdaydecoration a personally meaningful touch. And no, these are not just for kids. Fandoms like these include people of all ages, well-versed with the tiniest of details. Surprise them with how much you care and observe what they like by including it in the party décor.


With pastel and glitter color palettes, one can build up a regal ambiance. A lot of girls love to have themselves a princess-themed party surrounded by soft tones, clad in a gown and flaunting a crown. Similarly, a drapes decoration done in red, gold and ivory velvets gives a majestic feel and is suited for any age groups. Rich fabrics, lively color contrasts and elaborate stages comprise such a theme. One can also include a makeshift castle or a colossal fortress-like entrance to take it up a notch.

Cartoon theme

Disney characters, barbies, fairies and other mythical creatures are loved by all and hold a nostalgic value. The most popular themes, however, remain our childhood favorites like Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Tarzan that lend a distinct personality to the occasion. Complement them with cute paper craft and catchy slogans so that it exudes cheer and fun. For both kids and adults wishing to look back to their younger years, this is a great theme to plan the party around.


With a cool color scheme of balloons, drapes and lights, it is fairly easy to replicate the underwater world for the birthday party decorations. And the effect is instant, with the feeling of being transported into a magical realm upon stepping into the venue. Birthday balloon decoration, by using ones in various hues of blue and white, can be strung together to give a bubble-like effect. The serene aura created in such a setting will certainly contribute to the success of your party.

Balloon structures

This is a form of art that has been readily gaining more popularity with artists reaching new heights of creativity in shaping and combing balloons into fantastically intricate masterpieces. Synonymous with birthday celebrations as balloons are, they can be utilized in the form of arches, flowers, etc. for entrance and table décor. Bigger adornments shaped into animals, cartoons or rides can be placed in the center or near the stage, going about the rest of the decoration accordingly.

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