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Flower, Wedding, Engagement Ceremony Decoration Bangalore

Melting Flowers is one of the Finest Floral designers in South India, specializing in Stylish Exclusive and Exceptional Floral Designs. We specialize in Flower & Theme decoration for weddings, Flower decoration for home, Flower & Theme decoration for Corporates, Convention halls, Open gardens, Banquets decoration and all types of parties. We also specialize in Garlands and designer bouquets.

A traditional South Indian wedding, in a cultural capital like the beautiful city of Chennai, is characterised by subtle décor with cleaner and polished displays that rely more on slightly accentuating the natural settings than on heavy ornamentation. Daytime celebrations are more common and sprawling, idyllic garden venues are preferred over closed halls and ballrooms for the big day, the city itself abounding in such alluring vistas nestled in the lap of nature. This allows for the use of brilliant color combinations rather than relying on artificial lighting for a brighter appearance. Wedding décor here exhibits the finest blend of natural and artificial, traditional and modern elements in perfect symphony to realize your dream wedding.


Mandap decoration suited for Chennai requires a careful analysation of the local trends and traditions of the major communities which can then be amalgamated with creative layouts and stylish adornments to come up with the most elegant mandap and reception stage decoration for Chennai. Gauzy drapes, thinly lined with flower garlands, are a fairly common sight. The popular colors of choice are white, ivory, golden and red. While monochromatic palettes lend a pristine and sophisticated touch, rich combinations of two or more in heavier fabrics have a more regal and opulent appeal to them. The former are generally well-suited for open venues as they especially brighten up when juxtaposed with the greenery while the latter go well to adorn banquet halls with their ornate interior.


The use of plantain leaves along with flowers such as marigolds and jasmine is pretty common for backdrops and mandap settings that give off typically South Indian vibes and are a nice take on the traditional décor. Greens are an evergrowing trend that can be incorporated in the décor in various ways. Vibrant green stage backdrops look excellent when juxtaposed with flower decoration in enticingly contrasting lighter colors. Eye-catching leaves can also make for some riveting décor and offer a fresh take on the regular florals and they also lend texture to the decoration. The combination is ideal for open venues and to make the setup look more resplendent and visually intriguing.


Outdoor wedding decoration in Chennai frequently utilizes mandap canopies made entirely of thick floral runners draped all over the top and extending along the sides. Lighter colors are preferred to allow the mandap setting to truly bloom radiantly against the lush green backdrops. Velvety lotus blooms, dainty jasmine, sunshine marigolds remain the top favorites to create these botanical delights for you to conduct your wedding ceremonies under.

Another up and coming trend is the circular mandap setup in place of the common square-shaped ones. It can be adorned with rippling strings of delicate flowers both on top and all around the periphery such that they cascade down in a mesh-like pattern.


Balanced decorations that are enrapturing but do not eclipse everything else are what one shoup aim for with mandap décor, keeping in mind that the functionality of the place is not compromised. The best flower decorators in Chennai are here to give you the most magnificent of floral displays to transform your wedding venue into a verdant paradise that will rival fairy tale realms.

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