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Flower, Wedding, Engagement Ceremony Decoration Bangalore

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Kids are indubitably the most excited for their birthdays, a bubbly effervescence for growing up that fades among adults. Allow this exuberance for counting the addition of another year to their life reflect in the birthday decoration for the party you’re planning for them. As much as a child loves their birthday, they crave visual stimulation more than anything, their vivid imagination instantly taking flight upon encountering pictures and objects that entice them.

Best Birthday Party Themes

While there are some decoration themes that are pretty universal and evergreen, it is also recommended to pay attention to what your child prefers and their common favorites with their group of friends. Do not dismiss their choices just because they’re young and considered naive. They are the star of the party, after all. Show them that they matter by making them feel included in decision-making too. Some of the best birthday party themes are based on superheroes, cartoons, Disney princesses or recreating different scenes and scapes like the underwater, an amusement park, the woods, etc., whatever your venue allows and your kid digs.

Birthday Party Themes

Even if you choose to go for a basic décor, incorporate elements like flowers, balloons in the colors of the choice of your kid to make them feel more involved and appreciated. The general mantra remains- the more the merrier. So don’t hesitate to add more color, more balloons, more flowers and more glitter. Go for combinations that you know will excite your little ones and not fail to capture their attention even from afar. It is best that you let it be explicitly known that it’s an occasion just for them by hanging up their name or initials somewhere in the decoration. It could be as part of the backdrop in contrasting colors, or big letters can be separately placed along the stage, adorned with lights and streamers.

Birthday Decoration Bangalore

Make fun photo booths with props to match a quintessential part of the birthday party decorations. It is more economical to go for backdrops that blend with the décor and also function as perfect settings to snapshot memories. Polaroids, masks or giant silhouettes, along with all-green backdrops are common choices that fit into most kinds of decorations. It is important that it blends with the theme of the party. For royalty, you might want crowns as props, or wands and broom sticks for a magical setting, or capes and masks for a superhero themed one.

Balloon Decoration In Bangalore

Most kids absolutely love balloons, so make sure they find a place in the setting. They add color as well as fun to the setting. While  a plethora of colors is the usual way to go, you can pick a specific color scheme to complement your theme or give a particular vibe. While pastel pinks look soft and princessy, combining them with a few shimmery balloons, along with rich reds and whites will create a royal and elegant ambiance.

birthday balloon decoration

Also very much in demand are balloon sculptures, either small ones shaped like flowers or other cute designs to be used as centrepieces or in entrance decoration or bigger ones in the shapes of animals or swings that can be the pivotal point around which the rest of the décor is planned.

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