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Flower, Wedding, Engagement Ceremony Decoration Bangalore

Melting Flowers is one of the Finest Floral designers in South India, specializing in Stylish Exclusive and Exceptional Floral Designs. We specialize in Flower & Theme decoration for weddings, Flower decoration for home, Flower & Theme decoration for Corporates, Convention halls, Open gardens, Banquets decoration and all types of parties. We also specialize in Garlands and designer bouquets.

No matter it’s your wedding or your sister’s; hectic days begin from months before, checking out the guest list, choosing the wedding attires, arrangements for the rituals and much more. Amidst all these, what misses out is the décor of the venue. To make the occasion grander and memorable, the decoration will play a major role. So, invest some time in flower, mandap and wedding stage decoration Bangalore.

In Indian weddings, a mandap is the sanctified center stage where bride and groom exchange their vows. And the major mistake is to overlook this very space. Hence, while you rush to plan the venue decoration, these dos and don’ts (tips) will guide you to attain perfection.

wedding stage decoration Bangalore

Tips For Wedding Stage Decoration Bangalore:

  1. Avoid stuffing too many ideas to decorate the stage. In the end, it will look too cluttered and messy. The ultimate beauty will be lost amidst the knick-knacks.
  2. Avoid using heavy aromatic flowers, especially when it is indoors. Most people are allergic to strong smell and might feel uncomfortable and sick.
  3. Do not use too many flowers everywhere. That can distract the guests from the main occasion. Also, it gives a feel of monotony if not arranged properly.
  4. Rather than only flowers, you can also decorate with plants and leaves.
  5. Heavy, powerful lights just spoil the mandap decoration. So, consider lights based on overall theme, place, time, etc.

*Note: Lighting for daytime and evening will always be different. Choose accordingly.

What To Do?

If time is short to plan something unique, these options will work fantastic.

  • Keep things minimal. Simplicity is the best form of elegance and sophistication.
  • Hire an event decorator who will embellish the venue in the most innovate style. You will be completely free from this responsibility.

reception stage decoration

Flowers, Most Of The Time, Take The Lead!

In India, flowers and weddings are like ‘made-for-each-other.' So, certainly,more things might go wrong while using flowers in wedding venues in Bangalore.

  1. Don’t stick to one variety of flowers. Rather, try out lilies, orchids, or simply baby breaths. A professional flower decorator can make these arrangements for you.
  2. Flower decorations vary according to the venue. What will go best for indoors, might not suit for outdoors as well.
  3. A lush floral arrangement hanging from the ceiling creates a more intimate space for your guests. Don’t just keep those blossoms on the tables.
  4. While getting your blooms, consider their durability. Zinnia, Gladiolus, Orchids can live for few days.
  5. For Mehndi And Sangeet Décor, marigolds are the ideal choices. But don’t just stick to decorating with chains of marigolds. The everyone’s favourite Genda Phool can be used in a lot of unique ways.

*Note: Some Innovative Ways To Use Gendaphool.

Theme wedding decorations

  • Use sticks of marigold in centerpieces
  • Arrange for swings and decorate with handful of the flower
  • Cover a wall completely with marigolds – a yellow backdrop for excellent photographs
  • Make a big spec (chasma) with Genda Phool for the perfect photo corner. Your crazy friends are going to love this.

There are decorators in Bangalore who offer their services from wedding to naming ceremony decoration. Choose the most reliable one for the perfect arrangement.

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